Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Here is the latest instalment. Afterglow, basically the heaven's opened up and I and the camera felt the full force of Mother Nature. After a quick dry off, me and the camera, there was still at least another 30mins before any decent light would be available. I reached for the thermos and poured myself a homemade brew, and preceded going through the motions that every landscape Photographer goes through. Composition, focus, exposure and so on to finally loading the film. (Yes film)
In the background I could see the storm moving away across the South Downs, this played a major role in the overall image with the pinkish tones coming into play. The clouds drifted and the sun made its last attempt to stay out and the scene was set. With only about 10 minutes or so to spare, four exposures were made, and what I feel is one of my best images of the year so far.

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