Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Here is the latest instalment. Afterglow, basically the heaven's opened up and I and the camera felt the full force of Mother Nature. After a quick dry off, me and the camera, there was still at least another 30mins before any decent light would be available. I reached for the thermos and poured myself a homemade brew, and preceded going through the motions that every landscape Photographer goes through. Composition, focus, exposure and so on to finally loading the film. (Yes film)
In the background I could see the storm moving away across the South Downs, this played a major role in the overall image with the pinkish tones coming into play. The clouds drifted and the sun made its last attempt to stay out and the scene was set. With only about 10 minutes or so to spare, four exposures were made, and what I feel is one of my best images of the year so far.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Limited Edition

 I still  have a few limited editions left of this image, if anyone is interested please visit http://www.tonywainwrightphotography.co.uk/
Image Info:  A lone Beech tree displays all it's colour in late Autumn at the New Forest National Park.
This image is only available as a limited edition of 125, and is available in sizes of 30", 40" & 50".
The print can also be framed in a traditional black or white frame with a 4" pure white window mount.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


The classic shot of Derwent Water gets a dusting off ready for my exhibition at the West street loft, West street, Shoreham by sea. The Exhibition will run from 2nd -17th June and will be part of the Adur Art Trail.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Fuji GX617 test.

Fuji GX617 test

This is my first test shot on the Fuji after trading it in for the Hasselblad Xpan.
What can i say (Impressive) the camera is more difficult to use, but the results are superior and the images are sharper and fine detailed. There is no image fall off at the edges and the camera wind on seems to run smooth but tight. The camera viewfinder is nice and bright and with the Optional ground glass which came with the camera makes focusing easier rather than estimation and guesswork. With only four frames per roll of 120 every aspect of the process has to be spot on. I will miss the Xpan, but I feel the right choice has been made.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Stone alone

Just a single stone on a West Sussex Beach as the sun drops, i manage to fire off a few shots before the light as gone. It was worth the wait and only a 5 min journey home, perfect.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


This image will be part of my exhibition for the Adur Arts trail from the 2nd-17th June 2012.
The exhibition will take palce at the new West street loft gallery and studio in Shoreham by sea , West Sussex UK.  http://www.weststreetloft.co.uk/ All images will be for sale over the Arts trail and will soon be added to my website for a sneak preview. http://www.tonywainwrightphotography.co.uk/

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Abstract Shoreham.

Decided to get all Arty with this one, sitting pretty in between Brighton and Worthing is Shoreham by sea, a small coastal town with a great artistic and creative feel about it. The Beach offers no sand just pebbles, like most of the beaches in Sussex, but this one’s different, it’s empty.
This helps me work and not worry about the crowds of people even in the Summer months.
The aim of this image was to create something Abstract, something different from the normal seascape we see so much of today.
I Feel it worked.
This image is available to purchase from http://www.tonywainwrightphotography.co.uk/

Photographers notes:
Film: RVP50
Exposure: 8sec/f22
Filter: Kenko Polarizer

Thursday, 26 January 2012

South Downs National Park UK.

South Downs National Park UK:  I had just a few minutes left before the light was gone, with everything ready i managed to fire off a frame or two and hope for the best. Using a slow shutterspeed i also hoped the sheep played there part and stayed still just for that  second exposure. After getting the film back from the lab and viewing the results i think it worked.(Just) This Image can be purchased from http://www.tonywainwrightphotography.co.uk/

Photographers notes:
Film: RVP50
Exposure: 1sec/f16
Filter: 0.6ND graduation filter

Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Came across this along the Dorset coastline, I think adds to the Image, although I do remember it being smaller, Must be the Wide angle Lens, anyway I really like the shot.

Photographers notes:
Film: Kodak Ektar Colour neg
Exposure:1/4sec f22
Filter: Lee 0.6NDgraduation filter,

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Dorset Coastline

The Dorset Coastline 2012.Kodak Ektar results: Very pleased with the results, this film offers very fine grain, good density and above all sharpness, detail and contrast. My overall view on this film is impressive, and will be a contender against the trusted Fuji Velvia. I think both films play there part in different situations and the Ektar will bring even more confidence in my Photography with a couple packs in my camera backpack on my next outing. This Image can be purchased from http://www.tonywainwrightphotography.co.uk/

Photographers notes: 
Fim: Kodak Ektar colour neg
Exposure: 1sec /f22
Filter: 0.6ND graduation filter

Monday, 9 January 2012

The Olympic National Park USA

This Image was taken on a two week trip to the USA 2011, The Olympic National Park Washington State.  Photographers notes: This Image can be purchased from http://www.tonywainwrightphotography.co.uk/
Film: RVP50
Exposure: 4 sec/f22.
Filter: Kenko Polarizer

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Derwent water

I thought I would put this one up, this image has been taken so many times, however it is still a favorite of mine.
Taken November 2010 at 7.00am in thrashing rain and high winds, did not think the image would work, but even in these conditions it was possible to create a sense of mood. You can Purchase  this image from http://www.tonywainwrightphotography.co.uk/

Derwent Water The Lake District National Park UK

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New Year

Ok! Here's the start of my new blog, just returned from the New Forest National park in the UK, decided to carry on shooting film over digital this year. Why! As still getting better results from large prints. On this trip I decided to use the Kodak Ektar instead of the trusted Fuji Velvia (still waiting for the results from the lab) will post later on the outcome.
Anyway, not a bad holiday shoot, was blessed with the weather and light plus not to many crowds of walkers.
Also this year I'm still following my passion for the Panoramic format, it's just the way I see things now after all the years of using  this format.

Will post again later with the Ektar results.